Children of alcoholics tend to strive for perfection in an effort to avoid criticism. Growing up with an alcoholic father and ACOA mother, I endured criticism on a daily basis. It seemed like I could do nothing right. Or if I did do well an added ‘you could have done better’ almost always followed.

This set me on a treadmill, of sorts, of always having to prove my worth by achieving more and more. But my achievements weren’t satisfying. Perfectionism and low self-esteem forced me to set my goals higher and continue to try to prove myself. Unfortunately this is all quite exhausting and many times I found myself crashing and burning out both physically and emotionally.

I am now learning to love and accept myself for who I am; not trying to prove my self-worth to others. It is proving to be a very important step toward healing and happiness.

Hi, I’m Liz Hawkins and I’m a recovery Adult Child of an Alcoholic.


One thought on “Perfectionism

  1. I can only imagine the pressure of trying to reach perfection under those circumstance. It is good that you are now taking the road of seeking goals to satisfy yourself.


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