The Generational Curse

Many of us grew up in a home with at least one parent who suffered from alcoholism.  For me, it was my father.  Parents with drinking problem adversely affected the lives of their children well into their adult years.

There is much evidence that parents who drank in excess were most likely depressed.  This method for self-medication for depression often backfired.  It certainly did for my father.

My brothers and I, living within the same family circumstances, responded differently to having an alcoholic parent.  One also became an alcoholic, one became a drug addict, and one a food addict.  My mother, also adult child of an alcoholic, had food and weight issues.  It’s like a generational curse.

The good news is that curses can be broken.  The key to moving on is not to blame but to be conscious of the role our parents had in shaping our current life choices.  It is possible to break the family patterns by coping with our depression in health ways such as reaching out and gaining support.

Hi, I’m Liz Hawkins and I’m a recovering Adult Child of an Alcoholic.


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