Emotional Intoxication

The ACOA big red book, page 628, teaches that growing up in a dysfunctional home meant that chaos was normal.  As a result, some may have become adults who could not feel at ease when things were calm.  They may have craved drama and excitement on such a subconscious level that they were drawn to it without realizing the reason why.

With me, I find that it’s hard for me to relax and feel at ease even when things seems to be calm.  And I find that my anxiety goes into overdrive when there’s drama.  I cannot seem to find a happy medium.  I supposed the uncertainty of not knowing what would occur from day-to-day growing up was unnerving for me so I learned to always be on high alert.

Turning to a Higher Power for understanding and guidance has proven to be quite successful for me as I learn to navigate my deep seeded ACOA tendencies.

Hi, I’m Liz Hawkins and I’m a recovering Adult Child of an Alcoholic.


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