Unlocking the Unconscious Mind

The unconscious is the part of the mind that is inaccessible to the conscious mind but affects behavior and emotions.  For years I have been out of touch with my inner self; operating from the vantage point that I did as a child.

Earlier this year I dreamed that I was pumping gasoline in my back seat of my car rather than in the fuel tank.  Curious of what the dream might represent, I Googled it.  I learned that to dream of being at a gas station represents a need to re-energize and revitalize yourself.  At that time, I was doing so much for others and not taking care of myself.  I was both physically and mentally exhausted and needed rest.

In recent weeks, with the passing of my brother, and having to move my mother into an assisted living residence, I once again find myself physically and mentally drained.  I sleep but get no rest and my body aches all over.  This, I believe is the unconscious manifesting itself and giving me warnings.

We ACOAs must learn to listen to those quiet unconscious messages from our minds and remember it’s all right to take care of ourselves.

Hi, I’m Liz Hawkins and I’m a recovering Adult Child of an Alcoholic.



2 thoughts on “Unlocking the Unconscious Mind

  1. Hi Liz! Thank you so much for sharing. Self-Awareness is one of the most critical tools we can carry. Next to it is Self-Actualization. Not from the standpoint of achieving goals and ambitious pursuits, but from the standpoint of doing what we know and/or feel. The best way to move from one place to another is to actually move! Move from rehearsing the issue in our minds, move from uncertainty about what will happen if I act, and simply move forward with by taking a step towards healing, towards rest, towards peace, towards safety, etc. Now that you know what you need, the best gift you can give yourself is to do – actually take care of you. I’m always rooting and praying for you.
    Nicole D.


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