Mirror Image

A mirror image is a reflected duplication of an object that appears almost identical, but is reversed in the direction perpendicular to the mirror surface.  When I look at my reflection in the mirror, I realize that what is being reflected back on the surface is not really as it appears.

ACOAs tend to be perfectionist.  On the surface our lives may appear fine but scratch that same surface and wounds appear.  And anxiety and control issues are rampant.  I have been living my life in a state of denial; believing I’m in control.  The image I presented to the world was just a façade.

I never wanted to look in the mirror and see my alcoholic father reflected back at me.  I vowed never to abuse alcohol.  But I find myself repeating substance abuse-like patterns with food, shopping, and other compulsive behaviors.  Our mirror image, on the outside, reflects the image in the opposite.  If only it could reflect the true image from the inside out.

I’m Liz Hawkins and I’m a recovering Adult Child of an Alcoholic.


Repost from MyACoALife.com 09/08/16


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